Using Google Correlate To Understand Your Customer

Google Correlate Oakley

Correlation is a mutual or reciprocal relationship between two or more things. The higher the correlation coefficient the stronger the relationship. Negative coefficients represent inverse relationships.

.8 to 1.0 or -.8 to -1.0 (very strong relationship)
.6 to .8 (strong relationship)
.4 to .6 (moderate relationship)
.2 to .4 (weak relationship)
.0 to .2 (weak or no relationship

Looking at the term “Oakley”, high correlation exists for terms like: camelbak, iced tea, razor burn, kabobs, bike mounts, etc. Using this information, one could say that Oakley customers are familiar with the outdoors, yet are also keen on their appearance (razor burn). The Oakley customer may prefer a healthier lifestyle, possibly choosing foods like kabobs and tea over burgers and beer in a camp/ outdoor setting. If Oakley is planning on filming a lifestyle ad in a campground setting, perhaps having the actor bbqing something healthy would be the way to go.

Google Correlate

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