Adwords Display Network Dynamics & Tips

On Google’s display network, ads are not triggered by individual keywords. Instead, all the terms in the advertiser’s keyword list within an ad group are taken into consideration to determine a theme for the ad group. Google scans the content of the web page and matches the content with ad groups matching the theme of the page. Since individual keywords don’t trigger your ad, your ad group statistics will not show a keyword-by-keyword breakdown. Instead, you’ll see an overall total of all clicks that ad has received on our display network. For example, when users look at a Web page containing brownie recipes, the AdWords system looks for matching ads by evaluating all the keywords and the ad text in each ad group. Your ad may be displayed to users if you simply have related keywords such as ‘chocolate brownies’ or ‘delicious dessert recipes.’

Display Network Tips:
  • Create tightly themed ad groups for each product or service that you’re advertising.
  • Write clear, compelling ad text to attract users browsing content pages.
  • Choose keywords that relate closely to one another and to the ads in the ad group.
  • Have a separate campaign for the content network.
  • Use between 5 to 10 keywords per ad group.
  • Review your placement and campaign performance reports.
  • Keyword / ad text changes can change where Google places your ad.
  • Build a comprehensive negative keyword list.