How I saved 31.8% on a $54 purchase on

I didn’t actually make a purchase at Express today, but this example shows how much you can benefit by knowing how affiliate marketing works and when using coupon and cash back sites together to make a purchase, the savings can be huge.

Step 1: Find Express on Plastic – Savings: 15% off an express egift card

Step 2: Pay for the egift card with a rewards Credit Card – Savings: 1% cash back

Step 3: Go to, sign up for an account/ login and search for “express”

Step 4: Click the ‘Shop Now” link – this opens a new browser window on

Step 5: Open a new browser window and search for a coupon code on

Hey! There is a coupon for 15% any purchase. Nice!

Step 6: Return back to the already open browser window and shop on – find $54 worth of clothing & decide to buy.

Step 7: Enter in your promocode you found on – Savings: 15% or ($8 saved on a $54 order) New subtotal is $45.90

Step 8: When it comes time to pay, place the order with your gift card you bought at

Step 9: With tax your total order comes to about $49.23 (tax=$3.33)

All in all, you saved:

$50 x 15% = $7.5 (plastic jungle)

$54 x 15% = $8.1 (coupon code – retailmenot)

$42.50 x 1% = $.42 (credit card cash back)

$45.90 x 2.5% = $1.15 (ebates)

Total Savings: $17.17 or 31.8% off

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