Piggybacking Off Bloomreach

Well I must say it’s always nice to have a main competitor sync up with Bloomreach. In today’s example, it’s Forever 21. If you are not familiar, Bloomreach is a company that takes your existing feed and conversion data and uses that data to build out a more comprehensive set of potential profitable organic keywords. A lot of bigger retailers have a very similar issue – their only landing pages consist of not so SEO friendly product pages and category pages – say 500 to 2k landing pages total. The trouble begins when you have a long tail keyword like “cute gold tops for teens”. The majority of retailers are not going to have a category or product that will match that keyword. Bloomreach fills in the gaps. Instead of being limited to your product and category pages, Bloomreach can dynamically create thousands of complementary pages such as the page for “cute gold tops for teens”; with correlated title and h1 tags. They get that page ranked by dropping a link into a Bloomreach specific (SEO) area of the Forever 21 page, right above the footer. The “related searches” and “related products” area you see below is all to help Bloomreach obtain better organic ranking for those keywords. Google/ Bing will crawl this page, see the links and hopefully index them. Every time a user clicks on the Bloomreach created organic listing you pay a CPC.

With that said, Bloomreach does a lot of work for me – for free. They build a great set of longtail keywords (related search area) that I’m able to copy and use to expand my existing SEM campaigns. In fact, the majority of the keywords I pull from Forever 21 and use in my SEM campaign cost (CPC) the same if not less than what I would have been paying Bloomreach (CPC). Another advantage with using SEM, is that controlling the ad position and CPC in Adwords is much easier to do than trying to manage a Bloomreach organic listing. If the keyword is yielding high conversions it may be in your best interest to bid for the #1 position to obtain the most traffic. You don’t have that same level of flexibility or instantaneous control with organic search.


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